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City Life City Life
'And all the waders on that golden day wore the same sweltered grimace, as though the sun had bestowed one and the same mask upon all of its disciples—the golden mask of a brotherhood of the sun; and everyone walking along the streets that day, meeting or passing each other by—the old and the young, every man, woman and child—hailed each other in passing with that mask, gold paint thickly daubed on their faces; they greeted one another with that bacchanalian grimace—a barbarian mask of pagan worship.'

Bruno Schulz, The Cinnamon Shops

Borderlands Retreat Borderland's Retreat
'When I was young such things did not interest me, for what was the past to someone like me who thought only of the future? Nowadays I avidly read through these memoirs, conscious of the power exerted by place names, winding paths, hills and ferryboats on the river. How vital it is to be attached to one's home and countryside, to treasure dates and the traces that remain of bygone generations.'

Czesław Miłosz, My Grandfather Zygmunt Kunat

Białystok by Night Białystok by Night
'I went out into a winter night coloured by the illumination of the sky. It was one of those bright nights in which the astral firmament is so immense and branching, as though it had fallen to pieces, broken up and divided into a labyrinth of separate heavens, enough to be shared by whole months of winter nights, and to overlay with its silver and painted globes all of their nocturnal phenomena, adventures, scandals and carnivals.'

Bruno Schulz, The Cinnamon Shops

Nature Nature
'Animals! The object of insatiable curiosity, exemplifications of the riddle of life, as though created for this: to show man to man himself, unfolding his richness and complexity in a thousand kaleidoscopic possibilities, each brought to some paradoxically furthest limit, to some characterful ebullience. My heart opened, unfettered by the ties of the exotic concerns that disrupt interpersonal relations, full of sympathy for alien emanations of perpetual life, full of a loving, collaborative curiosity, which is the veiled voice of self-seeking.'

Bruno Schulz, The Cinnamon Shops

Remains Remains
'Some people have the desire to collect more or less expensive items according to what one can afford - I also posses a collection albeit very modest as is usual in the beginning. (...) It seems that there is nothing more, except a certain very old and well worn vest. (...) There are moments in peoples lives in which they like to surround themselves with items, which recall past sad experiences.'

Bolesław Prus, The Waistcoat

Winter in Białystok Winter in Białystok
'In the period of the shortest sleepy winter days, enclosed on both sides within furry edgings of dusks, from morning and from evening, as the town branched deeper and deeper into the labyrinths of the winter nights-brought back with a struggle to its senses, to its return, by the fleeting dawn (...)'

Bruno Schulz, The Cinnamon Shops

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